5:39 pm - Saturday August 18, 2018

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11 Ways to Stop Hair Fall Both for Men and Women

var zflag_nid="3149"; var zflag_cid="189"; var zflag_sid="146"; var zflag_width="728"; var zflag_height="90"; var zflag_sz="14"; Women and men regardless face a common problem “hairfall”.This...

How to open a Payoneer account and get MasterCard with $25 bonus

If you are residing in Bangladesh and work the world wide company  wishes to own a U.S bank account or wanting to setup a Payoneer Debit MasterCard.  Payoneer is the easiest way to receive...

14 herbal tips for beautiful face

Most of the times we use face pack which contains chemical material. As a result we suffer many side effects rather getting any benefits. So we should be careful before using any face pack because...

7 Mysterious places of world

Every man try to know the unknown. It’s a unstoppable nature of mankind from the beginning. But still now there are many mysterious places man don’t know their clear story. Some of them...

PSC Result 2015

PSC Result 2015 – 31 December – DPE has been announced. 31 December will be the date when PSC (Primary Scholarship Result) 2015 will be published. Please Check The PSC Result 2015 From Here. PSC...

Top 15 Dangerous Plane Accident in 2015 (With Video)

In 2015 the world has faced some dangerous plane accident. By this accident we have lost more than thousands of people. Now we show a video which you will be able to see top 15 dangerous plane...
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10 Ways to Improve Your Memory Power

Some people can remember a to z of any event or content. Some can learn anything very fast. You feel very sad as you can’t go fast as him. Structure of brain of every man is different....

The way of being Slim without diet and exercise.

How is it possible that diet and exercise to slim without thinking, is not it? But if you want to do a lot. We do many things to be slim. The way to slim down, but not as a strict diet, exercise,...

Check extremely powerful and effective treatment of diabetes by 16 herbal ingredients.

Diabetes is not just the developed countries, it is increasing the size of the epidemic in developing countries. However, the seriousness of this disease and chronic conditions, a better quality...
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Some symptom of kidney diseases

Many people don’t know that they are suffering from Chronic kidney disease (CKD) as they are unknown about the symptoms of this disease. Chronic disease failures kidneys after some years....

11 Ways to Stop Hair Fall Both for Men and Women

Women and men regardless face a common problem “hairfall”.This is worldwide problem. This problem is nothing more than loss of hair which is quite normal. Normally hair  dropping...

4 that the problem of body can be solved by only with salt!

A lot of problems including domestic chores can be solved by salt. As far as taste in cooking without salt simply wants to be without the salt of the work of some of the houses, for example,...